Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Peter Outline

Last Sunday we began a study through I Peter. Here's the outline of the letter, sort of the map we'll follow as we work our way through this epistle.

I Peter
Peter's first letter can be broken down into five major sections. Each of these sections point to a specific topic that we must properly understand if we are to rightly handle the suffering that is inevitable in the life of every follower of Jesus.
Theme of the letter: The greatness of our salvation and our Savior allows us to endure and overcome suffering. We do this by understanding the following truths
I. Our Salvation 1:1-1:12
Section Theme: Our salvation is of inestimable value and must be the focus of our lives
Our salvation is praiseworthy 1:3
Is due to God's mercy and sovereignty 1:3b
Offers living hope 1:3c
Is eternal and sure 1:4-5
Is greater than our suffering 1:6-7
Causes us to love Jesus 1:8-9
Was prophesied about 1:10-12
Amazes the angels 1:12b
II. Our Sanctification 1:13-2:12
Section Theme: God's work in sanctification is setting us aside for lives that bring Him glory. Our work in sanctification is to live lives that bring Him glory, i.e., living out the truths of our salvation's greatness.
Living the truth individually 1:13-21
Living the truth corporately 1:22-2:12
III. Our Submission 2:13-3:12
Section Theme: We demonstrate the truths of our salvation and our sanctification by walking in submission to others.
To government 2:13-17
In our jobs 2:18-25
In the home 3:1-7
In all of life 3:8-12
IV. Our Suffering 3:13-4:19
Section Theme: As followers of Christ we are called to suffer and are shown how we are to suffer to the glory of God.
Our conduct in suffering 3:13-17
Christ's example in suffering 3:18-4:6
The commands we follow while suffering 4:7-19
V. Our Service 5:1-14
Section Theme: Followers of Christ live within the context and framework of the local church.
For the elders 5:1-4
For others 5:5
For all 5:6-11

Let's pray for God's blessing on this study!

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