Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl--So What?

Last night was the Super Bowl. And whether you're a football fan or not you must agree that the Super Bowl is a big event. Each year about half the nation watches; a big star puts on an incredible halftime show (or as was the case this year, Madonna sang); advertisers paid millions of dollars for commercial time; and there was also a football game. Parties were had, tons of food was eaten--it's a huge event. If you're a Giants fan it was a good game. If you're a Patriots fan, not so much.

But here's a question; is your life any different this morning? By that I mean, did the Super Bowl make an impact on you? Have you been changed as a result of it? Now the answer of course is no. Unless you bet tons of money on the Giants and won big; in which case I'll address your gambling problem in a separate blog. But by and large the Super Bowl makes no difference in our lives. We may go to a fun party, eat great food, laugh at some commercials, be grossed out by Madonna, or even cheer for our favorite team. And when it's all said and done we're still the same people.

Now the purpose of this post isn't to bash the Super Bowl. I love football, I love the commercials, I love the whole deal. But I was reminded this morning of how easily my heart can chase after the wrong things. I can spend all week reading about the matchups, about who's going to win, about what commercials will be shown, all that. And when I stand before Jesus to give an account for my life none of things will matter. Again, I'm not saying it's wrong to watch the game or like football. I'm saying I was reminded that my heart is desperately wicked. I was reminded that even though I'm supposed to set my mind on things above, there are times when I don't.

The Super Bowl can't change my life. It can't make me more holy. It can't make me a better husband or father or pastor. But Jesus can do all those things. He can make me more like He's declared me to be. He can make me the kind of husband who loves my bride like He loves His bride. He can make me the kind of father who is an example of my Heavenly Father. And if He can do all those things, how much more excited about Him should I be? How much more should I look forward to spending time in His word and in His presence? This morning I'm not any different because of the Super Bowl. But I'm eternally different because of Jesus.

Father, thank You for Your love. Thank You for changing me. Help me to passionately run after You, to seek You desperately above all things. Help me to enjoy the good things You've given in this life; time with friends, things that bring laughter, football games that are fun to watch. But help me to find my greatest joy and deepest fulfillment in You. Help me to be more like You. Amen.