Monday, March 8, 2010

Kenya Dig It?

So I probably should have updated the blog before now. I know that when you tell people you've gone to Africa, they immediately want to hear all the stories. And I've got stories, believe you me. But at the same time, spending a few days in Kenya, preaching the gospel and ministering in churches is a unique experience. You come home very conflicted. On the one hand you're incredibly grateful for the things you have, and the lifestyle you can enjoy. On the other, your mind drifts to new friends who have so little, and you wonder about the apparent disparity of it. And of course there are all the amazing times we spent in worship services together. And truth be told, coming home can be a bit of a let down. In the churches we ministered to, the minimum amount of time spent in praise and worship was at least an hour. Then the sermon needed to be at least that long. In fact, the services began at 6 on Sunday morning, and didn't conclude until about 1:30. And the amazing thing is how it flew by; being in God's presence with passionate worshippers made the time pass so quickly. And then you come home and church is most often the opposite of that. And sadly, you immediately find yourself falling into that rut again. You let yourself be ruled by the clock, or by what others may think. And that's terribly unfortunate. I ought not come back and return to who I was; I ought to come back reflecting the things God taught me, the things He did to me and through me.
I'll have more to post in the future; stories that will break your heart, and stories that will make you smile. But for now, know that God was glorified this week. God did what He loves to do; He took an unworthy vessel and used it for His honor and His glory. His church was strengthened; people professed their hope in Christ as their savior. We were protected and blessed and filled and strengthened and challenged and encouraged and broken and lifted up and exhausted and sustained and troubled and happy and a million other feelings/emotions. Thanks to those who checked in on us, and those who prayed for us. Your prayers sustained us, and your partnership with us was such an encouragement. Sola Deo Gloria.

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